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Avery’s Training Programme in Practice

At Avery, care team members across our homes are required to complete a Mental Health Awareness course.

Diane Lomax, Avery’s Regional Training Officer, North & ASC Programme Coordinator, and two other training officers are Mental Health First Aid trainers and run the sessions for Home Managers, Regional Managers, Deputies, Nurses and Advanced Senior Carers.

During the sessions, participants are trained on how to look out for signs and be the first line of support during a mental health crisis within their setting, and direct staff to appropriate services, along with supporting staff’s day to day mental well-being within the workplace.

Diane says, “We also cover how senior members of staff can recognise their own signs of needing support, how to implement positive self-help, and seeking support for themselves.”

Home Manager at St Giles Care Home, Debbie Rowley, has completed the course and commented, “I found this course very useful and have used the advice given during a support session with a staff member who was having a mental health crisis. This course gave me the skills to deal effectively with this crisis, leading to a positive outcome for the staff member and a satisfying feeling that I made a difference to someone’s mental health after completing the training.”

For more on Mental Health Awareness, click here.

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